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Depurative Diet Mixtures
Our range of Depurative Diet Mixtures are available in full pallet orders only (45 x 20kg). If you're interested in acquiring a particular grain, contact us by filling out the form here.

£8.95 per 20KG

Red Dari, Safflower, Malting Barley, White Dari, Wheat, Tares, Buckwheat, Linseed, Bags

£12.50 per 20KG

Trapping Mix
Red Dari, Safflower, White Dari, Wheat, Black Rape, Linseed, Buckwheat, Tares, Naked Oats, Mung Beans, Bags

£10.95 per 20KG

Super Diet
Red Dari, Safflower, Barley, White Dari, Wheat, Linseed, Buckwheat, Tares, Naked Oats, Bags

£14.95 per 20KG

Top Energy Mix
Safflower, French Maize, White Dari, White Millet, Rape, Sunflower Hearts, Hemp, Red Maize, Naked Oats, Linseed, Red Millet, Buckwheat, Mung Beans, Bags
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